4 Best Pizza Oven Brushes

4 Best Pizza Oven Brushes

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A clean pizza oven is an essential part of a clean kitchen. It ensures that every pizza is cooked neatly and perfectly without any trace of food debris from previous pizzas cooked in the oven. However, cleaning the pizza oven is no easy task for every pizza oven operator. Fortunately, there are plenty of pizza oven brushes available to make this task easier no matter how tough the cleaning work is.

With a pizza oven brush, you can clean any food debris in just minutes. However, pizza oven brushes are not made equal and there are things you need to consider first before making a purchase decision. In the following, we will go into more detail on the things you need to consider when buying a pizza oven brush.

What is a Pizza Oven Brush?

A pizza oven brush is a handy tool used in cleaning a pizza oven. It is designed to lessen the effort of cleaning a pizza oven and also keep you safe from burning and other oven-related accidents while cleaning.

This tool often comes with a long handle and strong bristles that scrub off food debris that is left after using the pizza oven so you can use your oven smoothly and neatly all the time. A pizza oven brush can also clean the ashes on the hot oven surface during and after use. In addition to removing food debris and ashes, a pizza oven brush can also be used in moving the burning fuel around the oven.

Why Use a Pizza Oven Brush?

The main reasons why you need to use an oven brush are for safety and convenience.

A pizza oven brush is the safest tool to use in cleaning a pizza oven. Because of its long handle, people operating the pizza oven won’t need to go near the hot oven surface to clean and remove debris on it. This prevents burning and other oven-related accidents.

Additionally, a pizza oven brush has strong bristles than can effectively remove many kinds of food debris like burnt toppings, cheese, and other pizza ingredients left in the oven. These strong bristles can remove leftover caked food debris effortlessly and quickly. Some pizza oven brushes also come with a scraper that can scrape off food debris faster.

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4 Best Pizza Oven Brushes

Below we’ll give you some information on 4 of the best pizza oven brushes including two short-handled and two long-handled brushes. Included in our review is what we like and of course what we don’t like about each pizza oven brush so read on to find out more.

1 Ooni Pizza Oven Brush

Ooni Pizza Oven Brush

The first on our list is the Ooni pizza oven brush which is specifically designed for use with Ooni pizza ovens.

Its handy size is perfect for smaller pizza ovens, especially portable ones. The brush features a 2-in-1 stone brush and scraper tool attached to a comfortable bamboo wooden handle.

The durable stainless steel scraper is great for scraping off those stubborn burnt-on lumps of cheese and toppings that may have fallen off, whilst the bristles efficiently and quickly clean off excess flour.

The dimensions of the Ooni pizza oven brush are ‎24 x 2 x 1 cm and it weighs 386 grams.

What we like:

  • Nice bamboo handle
  • Brush and scraper
  • Perfect for Ooni similar sized pizza ovens

What we don’t like:

  • Not suitable for really large pizza ovens
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2 Pizza Craft Pizza Oven Brush

Pizza Craft Pizza Oven Brush

The Pizza Craft pizza oven brush is made from a combination of wood, metal, and copper. A wooden and metal handle holds the copper brush and metal scraper so you can easily clean your pizza oven.

The bristles of the pizza oven brush are made from copper wire which has a high-temperature resistance. Meanwhile, the metal scraper will easily remove larger lumps of food.

This brush is perfect for smaller pizza ovens such as Gozney, Ooni, and the like, providing a handy way to clean the insides.

The dimensions of the Pizza Craft pizza oven brush are ‎53 x 2.5 x 2.5 cm and it weighs 243 grams.

What we like:

  • Faily inexpensive brush
  • Brush and scraper
  • Good reviews

What we don’t like:

  • Like the Ooni brush, not for large pizza ovens
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3 Harrier ARVO Pizza Oven Brush

Harrier Arvo Pizza Oven Brush

The Harrier Arvo pizza oven brush is a long-handled brush that is a must-have accessory to help you to clean out large pizza ovens.

It can be used both at home and also in commercial settings to help you scrape off burnt-on food, sweep away ash and dirt and remove fire embers with ease.

The long wooden handle is strong, comfortable to hold, and large enough to reach the back of larger pizza ovens without burning yourself.

Its high-quality hard bristle brush is made from wire which is designed for heavy use and also made to last. Meanwhile the scrapper, unlike many others, runs the full width of the brush meaning you can cover a larger area with a single sweep

The dimensions of the Harrier ARVO pizza oven brush head are 26 x 10 x 3 cm and the handle is 88 cm long.

What we like:

  • Nice long handle
  • Good construction
  • Full width scrapper

What we don’t like:

  • Too large for smaller pizza ovens
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4 American Metalcraft Pizza Oven Brush

American Metalcraft Pizza Oven Brush

The American Metalcraft pizza oven brush has a long wooden handle and has been created to be a multi-purpose cleaning tool for pizza ovens.

This quality-made brush features a heavy-duty head that boasts a 65-tuft wire brush and a rust-proof scraper made from steel. The brass wire brush and scrapper run the full width of the brush head to provide lots of coverage.

It also boasts an easy-to-attach, screw-type handle and die-cast aluminium-threaded tip. American Metalcraft is a leader in the food service industry and has been making products for over 70 years.

The dimensions of the American Metalcraft pizza oven brush are ‎109.22 x 7.62 x 15.24 cm and it weighs 800 grams.

What we like:

  • Sturdy, well made brush
  • Full length brush
  • Metal scrapper

What we don’t like:

  • More expensive than some others
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Things to Consider When Buying a Pizza Oven Brush

Choosing a piece of kitchen equipment like a pizza oven brush for the first time can be challenging especially when you don’t know where to start. But don’t worry because below we’ve listed down all the things you need when buying a pizza oven brush so you can buy the best pizza oven brush for your needs and preference.

Right Handle length

The handle length is important for safety. You want a handle length that can allow you to brush hard-to-reach spaces in your oven and prevent you from going near the hot oven surface.

The handle length of pizza oven brushes is different according to the brand and the best length is always dependent on your oven and kitchen space. When deciding on the length, check how deep your oven is. Remember to always get just the right size. Opting for a pizza oven brush that is too short can put the operator at risk of accidents. On the other hand, handles that are too long can be difficult to use and store.

Long-handled brushes are more suitable for large pizza ovens and mostly for those that are permanent and not portable like those from Ooni.

Durable Bristles

Before making a purchase decision, you have to make sure that your pizza oven brush’s bristles are durable enough to handle tough cleaning work. Remember that your brush’s bristles will be responsible for scrubbing off the dirt in your pizza oven so they should be strong and dependable.

Brush bristles can vary by size, design, and material depending on the brand Some pizza oven brushes are also only suitable to use in an oven that has already cooled down so always read the manufacturer’s manual so you can use your brush safely. Moreover, you should also check if the brush is rust-free so your brush can last longer. Rust-free brushes can also ensure that there is no rust left in the oven that may affect the food’s taste.


Not all pizza oven brushes come with a scraper. However, some pizza oven brushes are designed with scrapers nowadays. The scraper works by scraping off all the accumulated food debris inside the oven allowing you to clean the oven easier and faster. You don’t necessarily have to look for this feature, however, if you need to clean large pizza ovens, a scraper can certainly come in handy.

Reasonable Price

You have to know the price of a pizza oven brush so you can allot a budget for it and avoid overspending. Just like any kitchen tool, pizza oven brushes are also available in different price ranges so you can definitely find a brush that suits your budget.

When setting a budget, take note that some pizza oven brushes and handles are sold separately. In this case, you may want to add the total costs of the items so you can still stick to your budget.


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