BURNHARD Nero Stainless Steel Outdoor Pizza Oven with Pizza Scoop and Pizza Stone, Model 2022, Wood Oven for Garden, Compatible Fuels: Pellet/Pellets, Charcoal and Briquettes

Amazon.co.uk Price: £299.00 (as of 02/01/2024 23:07 PST- Details)

READY TO USE IN NO TIME – Once you’ve got the charcoal, wood, or briquettes burning, it takes the oven less than 10 minutes to reach 500 °C.
CRISPY EVERY TIME – The cordierite pizza stone absorbs heat quickly and holds it in, baking your homemade pizza to crispy perfection in 5 minutes.
ENERGY-EFFICIENT – The body of the oven is made of two layers of stainless steel separated by a layer of wool insulation, allowing it to maintain high internal temperatures for a long time.