VEGREM Fly Zapper, 4000V Fly Killer, Battery Level Indicator, USB Type-C Electric Fly Swatter with 1500mAh Rechargeable Battery, 3-Layer Protective Mesh, Bug Zapper, for Indoor and Outdoor Price:  £12.49 (as of 00:36 EST- More info)

⚡【High Voltage and Fine Mesh】: Equipped with powerful 4000V high voltage and fine meshes, the fly zapper effectively captures and eliminate flying insects, ensuring your home remains free from mosquito nuisance.
⚡【Battery Level Indicator Light】: Featuring a battery level indicator light, allowing you to stay informed about the battery status of the electric mosquito swatter, ensuring timely recharging when needed.
⚡【Triple-Layer Safety Mesh】: The fly killer is equipped with a 3-layer safety mesh, providing dual protection against electric shock while safeguarding your skin from contact with high-voltage components.